Nordic Ware 1 5 Qt Cast Aluminum Sauce Pan

Nordic Ware 1 5 Qt Cast Aluminum Sauce Pan

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Getting a little saucy! Made from pressure cast aluminum, this 1.5 qt sauce pan evenly heats sauces, soups, and more. Plus, the clear glass lid lets you keep an eye on dinner without allowing heat and moisture to escape. From Nordic Ware.

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Nordic Ware 1 5 Qt Cast Aluminum Sauce Pan Sizing

Size Neck Chest Arm


11.6-12 31.6-32.6 30.6


11.2-11.6 31.2-33.2 29.2


11.9-12.3 29.9-31.9 27.9


12.8-13.1 29.8-32.8 26.8

M Tall

12.8-13.3 32.8-34.8 30.8


12.7-13.1 33.7-36.7 30.7

L Tall

11.1-11.4 30.1-31.1 29.1


13.1-13.6 32.1-33.1 31.1

XL Tall

11.7-12 29.7-31.7 27.7


13-13.5 34-35 33


12-12.3 32-33 31

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