Liz Claiborne New York Double Breasted Peacoat

Liz Claiborne New York Double Breasted Peacoat

Displaying Liz Claiborne New York Double Breasted Peacoat has all the great things about UA compression and is comfortable enough to be worn all day long.

Liz Claiborne New York Double Breasted Peacoat is usually my personal favorite commodities presented this week. Since pushing their unrivaled understanding, improved additionally at this point accommodated not any greater than by yourself. After which online a large collection of things it's possible receive. This entirely goods and services is made by using exclusive stuffs that will in some way have great in addition to vogue. Liz Claiborne New York Double Breasted Peacoat is often a preferent choose a lot of us. And I SIMPLY passionately suggest it. Using the outside top notch touchstones, thus realizing this product any posh or perhaps and in addition long-lasting. While most people really like the Liz Claiborne New York Double Breasted Peacoat because numerous features associated with colours, characters, materials.


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A sure thing. You can't go wrong with this Liz Claiborne pea coat, which takes you from work to play with its classic double-breasted styling and notched, collared neckline. An inside button closure and four front buttons secure the fit as you trek around town on cooler days and nights. From Liz Claiborne New York.

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Liz Claiborne New York Double Breasted Peacoat Sizing

Size Neck Chest Arm


12.3-12.8 30.3-33.3 27.3


13-13.3 31-33 29


11.9-12.3 30.9-31.9 29.9


12.1-12.6 33.1-34.1 32.1

M Tall

12.3-12.7 32.3-33.3 31.3


12.5-13 32.5-35.5 29.5

L Tall

13-13.3 32-34 30


12.4-12.7 33.4-34.4 32.4

XL Tall

13.5-13.8 33.5-36.5 30.5


12.2-12.5 30.2-33.2 27.2


12.2-12.7 29.2-32.2 26.2

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