Oro Nuovo Ribbed Huggie Hoop Earrings 14k

Oro Nuovo Ribbed Huggie Hoop Earrings 14k

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  • 14K yellow gold electroformed over an inner core of resin, which creates lightweight earrings that are strong and dent-resistant
  • 14K yellow gold, 14K yellow gold with rosetone plating, or 14K yellow gold with white rhodium plating, all over an inner core of resin
  • Twisted rib design with highly polished finish
  • 14K gold snap bar closures, for pierced ears only
  • Measures approximately 5/8"L x 3/8"W
  • Made in Italy

Oro Nuovo Ribbed Huggie Hoop Earrings 14k Sizing

Size Neck Chest Arm


12.8-13.2 31.8-32.8 30.8


11.1-11.6 31.1-34.1 28.1


13.1-13.4 30.1-33.1 27.1


12.8-13.2 29.8-31.8 27.8

M Tall

13.2-13.5 33.2-36.2 30.2


12.4-12.8 31.4-33.4 29.4

L Tall

12.5-12.9 31.5-32.5 30.5


11.7-12.2 31.7-34.7 28.7

XL Tall

12.3-12.6 29.3-31.3 27.3


13.4-13.9 32.4-35.4 29.4


13.5-13.9 32.5-35.5 29.5

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