Stanley 10 855 Folding Utility Knife

Stanley 10 855 Folding Utility Knife

A must-have essential that transitions from the gym, to the weekend, and everywhere in between. Our silk cotton features of Stanley 10 855 Folding Utility Knife is a great suit and comfortable cotton.

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  • Compatible with standard utility and hook blades
  • Quick-change fixed blade
  • Tools-free blade changing
  • One-handed open/close
  • Stainless steel belt clip
  • Aluminum construction
  • Measures approximately 8-1/2" x 4" x 3/4"
  • 90-day Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

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Stanley 10 855 Folding Utility Knife Sizing

Size Neck Chest Arm


12-12.5 33-36 30


12.4-12.8 29.4-32.4 26.4


13.4-13.7 34.4-37.4 31.4


11.2-11.5 31.2-32.2 30.2

M Tall

13.4-13.7 31.4-34.4 28.4


11.9-12.2 28.9-30.9 26.9

L Tall

11.9-12.2 31.9-32.9 30.9


12.1-12.6 30.1-33.1 27.1

XL Tall

12.6-12.9 33.6-34.6 32.6


13-13.5 34-37 31


11-11.5 30-31 29

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